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Silicone Grease

RM 5.00

Silicone grease is used to lubricate pistons and form seals for eyedroppers.

Lubricating pistons:

  • If filling mechanism can be isolated safely, use a q-tip and apply modestly on the rubber rim of the piston.
  • If filling mechanism can not be isolated safely or requires a special tool (Lamy 2000, Montblanc 146/149, Visconti power fillers) then apply a moderate amount on the inner wall of the pen. Then, operate the piston immediately to apply the grease onto the piston.

Preparing eyedroppers:

  • Use a q-tip and apply generously to the screw threads connecting the barrel and section of the pen. Be careful not to apply any onto the feed. Wipe off the excess.