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Moonman M2

RM 55.00


Moonman M2 is the successor to the popular Lecai eyedropper pen, featuring an all new design and a larger size. The M2 is a dedicated eyedropper pen which is easy to fill, maintain and cap/uncap.

The pen is made of sturdy, polished PMMA resin and has a striking red band with the pen's name.

The pen comes with an eyedropper that is easy to use for filling the pen.

Technical Specs

Color: Transparent

  • Weight: 15.0g
  • Closed length: 138mm
  • Unposted length: 131mm
  • Posted length: 144mm
  • Section diameter: 11mm

  • Nib: Steel, Extra Fine/Fine
  • Filling System: Eyedropper, 3mL
  • Post: Posts
  • Cap: Screw cap