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Micromesh (12000 grit, A7 size)

RM 20.00

Micromesh, 12000 grit, A7 size

DISCLAIMER: Using an abrasive, including Micromesh on fountain pens will void almost any and every pen manufacturer’s warranty. Please ensure that the pen you’re working on is past its warranty period or that it is affordable enough to practice on.

Micro mesh is a very fine abrasive with several configurations. This product has the “cloth” configuration which is suitable for fountain pen-related applications. It has a leathery feeling.

Nibmeisters and regular fountain pen folk use these pads to smooth out fountain pen nibs for a better and more pleasant writing experience. In addition, more experienced users can use micro mesh to perform repairs on nibs with deformed tips such as “baby’s bottom”. An A7 pad will last regular users a long time.